PATENT NEWS: Sole Plate Insert System
- US. Pat. 6422950 - Filed September 11, 2000 - Issued July 23, 2002 - Whitlam International, Inc. This extremely successful design has allowed Gauge Design Golf and Whitlam Golf to be distinctively different from the many golf companies over the past 12 years. This patent is currently being utilized by the SP13 putter which has been designed for Maruman Golf and their Majesty line. Designs like this can be utilized over a number of distinct putter designs which makes it unique in the industry. The patent specifically covers any material placed in the center of the sole of a putter. Anything that resembles this is potentially in violation of our utility patent.
Click here for more patent information.

It's Cherry Blossom Season! - April 11, 2012

Cherry Blossoms are here!.
These beauties are milled from a solid chunk of 303 Stainless Steel. Head weight is 350g. Standard loft of 3.5 and lie angle of 71. Black PVD is the finish. The intricate engraving is then hand painted to complete the cherry blossom motif.
Sales of these putters will benefit Japanese Tsunami Relief.

There's a New Dragon in Town! - March 26, 2012

Prototype Run - Dragon Series Brick Sole. The Dragon Series brick sole mill comes in heel shafted double bend and center shafted right hand and left hand. Made from 303 Stainless Steel, with a head weight of 350g. This run is limited to 100 pcs. Heads will come in silver, satin black and satin gold.

DISCO STU IS OFF TO PANAMA! - February 24, 2012

Stuart Anderson, Nationwide Tour rookie is making his way south to Panama for the Panama Claro Championship on March 1-4. Stuart will be using our Gauge Design wedges and our Whitlam Golf putter. Good Luck Stu!

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON? - January 16, 2012

The Year of The Dragon. These heads, pictured here with the embroidered cover, will be stunning when polished, plated, and painted, so stay tuned for more pictures! Heads are made from 303 Stainless Steel, available in black PVD or gold PVD finish, and will be ready very soon. Call to pre-order yours today!

HUMMER III - January, 2012

The Hummer III is here! This not-so-gentle-giant makes a great belly putter and is available in both center and heel shafted versions. Click here for more information and pictures!

CONGRATULATIONS!! - August 31, 2011
Congratulations to Stuart Anderson for winning the Canadian Tour Championship in a two-hole playoff! He was using our Gauge Design wedges, and drained the winning 25-foot putt with our Whitlam Golf Diamond Series putter! This is his second Tour Championship and fourth Canadian Tour win. Click here for the full story!

The Year of the Rabbit putters have multiplied! Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish. Comes with a matching black headcover. SOLD OUT!

BIG DOG REVISED - July 6, 2011
The Big Dog is back and better than ever. These big boys still have heavy heads, weighing in at around 365 grams, but we've made some improvements in other areas. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish.

DIAMOND SERIES - July 6, 2011
Welcome our new Diamond Series putters. The heads are milled out of stainless steel, with a headweight of approximately 350 grams. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish.SHOP ONLINE

LITTLE DOG - June 13, 2011
Welcome our new Little Dog putter. The heads are milled out of carbon steel, with a headweight of approximately 360 grams. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish. GET ONE ONLINE!

GSS JOSEPH - May 3, 2011
Check out our new GSS (Joseph) putter. It's our Joseph head shape, milled out of German Stainless Steel. Available in simply stainless or a Black PVD finish. Get one today in the online store!

W2-MILL PUTTER - March 28, 2011
Check out our new W2-Mill putter. Available in satin stainless or torched stainless. Beautiful brick pattern on the sole that pictures can't do justice. Get one today in the online store!

YEAR OF THE RABBIT! - January 28, 2011
Limited edition Year of the Rabbit putter in a beautiful copper colored PVD finish. Comes with a matching cover. SOLD OUT!

CONGRATULATIONS! - December 15, 2010
Congratulations go out to Stuart "Disco Stu" Anderson for winning the NGA Hooters Tour's BWS Event at Shingle Creek GC! He won by two strokes at -7 with a 137. He was using our new Joseph Flag Series Putter with the Canadian Flag on the sole.

JOSEPH FLAG SERIES - November 16, 2010
Like the Flag Series putters, but prefer a different shaped head? Now available: the Joseph Flag Series putter. Each putter comes with a stunning and soft white headcover. These putter are available in the online store.

FLAG SERIES - September 7, 2010
Check out the early pictures of our Flag Series putters. Each putter comes with a stunning and soft white headcover as pictured. These putter are available in the online store, and keep an eye out for more pictures.

BIG DOGS ABOUND! - September 1, 2010
This is one BIG DOG of a putter, with the head weighing in at 365 grams! Get one in our dark Black PVD finish or our lite Satin Nickel finish.

Our super limited custom paintfilled Tour Issue putters made out of German Stainless Steel. Pick your color, before it's gone!

See which ones are still available in our ONLINE STORE.

Congratulations go out to Sophie Jang, for winning the Duramed Futures Tour's Historic Brownsville Open April 25th! She was using our Jules putter! Click on the image for a link to her results.

Belated congratulations go out to Kim Bo Bae, for winning the KLPGA Lotte Mart Women's Open on Jeju Island on April 16th! She was using our Jules putter as seen pictured on the right! Click on the images to see them larger.

IRON IT OUT - April 29, 2010
Our new W Tour Specification Irons are here! The new grooves conform to USGA rules.

You can find more information on the W Tour page.

Or buy a set in the online store.

SPECIAL GUESTS - April 27, 2010
We had some awesome golfers stop by last week. From left to right:
Jin Young Pak - LPGA,
Eun Jung Yi - LPGA,
Gyu Jin Choi (Instructor and Caddy),
Mon Kie An - KPGA
Click on the image to see it larger.

CONFORMation - January 4, 2010
We have received confirmation that our Whitlam Golf wedges conform to USGA standards!